Looking for a paper?

1) We deliver to the front steps of the homes within our coverage areas. (View our coverage maps here.)

2) We also drop stacks off at local businesses and organizations. (See lists below).

3) Or, folks from outside our home delivery zones can opt to subscribe. Subscriptions for 12 issues of the Longfellow Nokomis Messenger and Midway Como Frogtown Monitor are $40 a year; subscriptions for 23 issues of the Southwest Connector are $80 a year. Mail a check to 5139 34th Ave. S. #17097, Minneapolis MN 55417.

Bulk Drops Monitor

Bulk Drop Sites: Monitor

Looking for a copy of the Midway Como Frogtown Monitor? Here is a selection of our larger bulk drop sites. Got an idea for a bulk drop site? Email delivery@swconnector.com.

Mississippi Market 622 Selby
St Paul Library/ Rondo Comm Ctr 461 Dale St N
Winner Gas Station 589 Dale St N
Minnoco 933 W Minnehaha Ave
West Minnehaha Rec Center 685 W Minnehaha Ave
Dragon Star Oriental Foods 633 W Minnehaha Ave
Frogtown Community Center 230 Como Ave
Hmong Town 217 Como Ave
Big Discount LIquor 945 Rice St
Rice Street Library 1011 Rice St
Double Dragon Foods 12 Maryland Ave W
Blaize Liquor 137 Maryland Ave W
Noble Laundromat 1681 Rice St
Noble Tobacco 1681 Rice St
Liquor Store  
Cub 1201 Larpenter Ave
Mississippi Market 1500 7th St W
W 7th Community Center 265 Oneida St
Highland Park Library 1974 Ford Parkway
Suds American Laundry 2045 Marshall
Merriam Park Library 1831 Marshall Ave
Jimmy Lee Recreation Center 270 Lexington Pkwy N,
Midway Liquor 1955 University Ave W,
Celtic Junction Arts Center 836 Prior Ave N,
CanCan Wonderland 755 Prior Ave N
Black Stack Brewing 755 Prior Ave N,
Lake Monster Brewing Company 655 Fairview Ave N
Dogwood Coffee Bar 825 Carleton St,
Hampden Park Coop 928 Raymond Ave
United Theological Seminary 767 Eustis Street
The Lab 767 N Eustis St Suite 115,
Vertical Endeavors 2550 Wabash Ave
Egg and I 2550 University Ave W
Speedway 3357 University Ave SE
Hamline Elementary 1590 Englewood Ave.
Ginkgo Coffee House 721 Snelling Ave N
Lloyd’s Pharmacy 720 Snelling Ave N,
Hamline-Midway Library 1558 W Minnehaha Ave
Groundswell 1340 Thomas Ave W
Jehovah Lutheran Church 1566 Thomas
District 10 Como 1224 Lexington Pkwy N,
Como Pavillion  
MGM Liquors 1149 Larpenteur Ave W

Zip Codes Monitor

55103 Frogtown/Como (south)
55104 Midway/Merriam Park
55108 Como
55114 Midway (west)
55117 Como (east)/North End
55102 West 7th
55116 Highland Park

Bulk Drops Messenger

Bulk Drop Sites: Messenger

Looking for a copy of the Longfellow Nokomis Messenger? Here is a selection of our larger bulk drop sites. Got an idea for a bulk drop site? Email delivery@swconnector.com.


Nokomis Library 5100 S 34th Ave
Oxendale's 5025 S 34th Ave,
McDonald's Liquor 5010 S 34th Ave
Nokomis Tattoo - Little Free Library 4933 S 34th Ave
Nokomis Beach Coffee 4956 S 28th Ave
Maytag Laundry Coin Wash 5744 S 34th Ave
Richfield Liquor 6600 Cedar Ave
Kowalski's Market 5615 Chicago Ave
Walgreen's 4323 Chicago Ave
Seward Friendship Store 317 E 38th St
Becketwood Co-op 4300 W River Pkwy,
Elevate Beer, Wine & Spirits 4135 Hiawatha Ave
Fall's Liquor 4604 Minnehaha Ave
East Lake Liquor 3916 E Lake St
East Lake Library 2727 E Lake St
Hook N Ladder 3010 Minnehaha Ave
Hub Bike Co-op 3016 Minnehaha Ave
Aldi's 2929 27th Ave S
Cub 2850 26th Ave S
Aldi's 2100 E Lake St
Hi Lake Liquor 2130 E Lake St
ReUse Warehouse 2620 Minnehaha Ave
Coastal Seafood 2007 E 24th St.
Zipp's Liquor 2618 E Franklin Ave
King's Coin Laundry 2701 E Franklin
Soberfish 2618 E Franklin
Seward Co-op - Franklin store 2823 E Franklin

Zip Codes Messenger

55406 Longfellow/Seward
55407 Standish
55417 Nokomis
55409 Around Seward Coop

Bulk Drops Connector

Bulk drop sites for the Connector

Drop by one of these locations for a copy of the Southwest Connector. (Updated 3/18/22)

Washburn Library 5244 Lyndale Ave
Bob's Java Hut 2652 Lyndale Ave
Humm's Liquor 2126 Lyndale Ave
Wedge Co-op 2105 Lyndale Ave
Sebastian Joe's (Uptown) 1007 W Franklin Ave
Walker Library 2880 Hennepin Ave
YWCA (Uptown) 2808 Hennepin Ave
Ragstock 1433 W Lake St
Linden Hills Library 2900 W 43rd St
Sebastian Joe's (L H) 4321 Upton Ave
Dunn Bros (LH) 2814 W 43rd St
Dunn Bros (Xerxes) 5008 Xerxes Ave S
Everett & Charlie 2720 W 43rd St Suite 103
MGM Liquors (Excelsior Blvd) 3058 Excelsior Blvd
Caribou Coffee (Excelsior Blvd) 3044 Excelsior Blvd
Great Harvest Baking 4314 Upton Ave S
Turtle Bread (LH) 3241 W 44th St
Linden Hills Co-op 3815 Sunnyside Ave
Kowalski's (Lyndale) 5327 Lyndale Ave
Holiday Gas (Xerxes) 5601 Xerxes Ave S
South Lyndale Liquors 5300 Lyndale Ave
Nicollet Hardware 3805 Nicollet Ave
Speedway (Kingfield) 4000 Lyndale Ave S
Lake Wine & Cheese 404 W Lake St
Cheapo (Nicollet) 2600 Nicollet Ave
Good Grocer 2650 Nicollet
Speedway (Cedar Isles) 3800 W Lake St
Five Watt (Lyndale) 3350 Lyndale Ave S
Giant Wash Coin Laundry 2325 Lyndale Ave S
Cub Foods (Windom) 5937 Nicollet Ave
Pizza Luce (Uptown) 3200 Lyndale Ave
Marathon Gas (Uptown) 3200 Lyndale Ave
Tao Organic Foods 2200 Hennepin Ave
Speedway (Nicollet) 3453 Nicollet Ave
Gray Fox Coffee (Uptown) 1477 W Lake St
Dunn Bros (Ecco) 3348 Hennepin Ave
Lowry Hill Liquors 1922 Hennepin Ave
Aliveness Project 3808 Nicollet Ave
Birch Bark Books 2115 W 21st St
Coffee & Tea Ltd 2730 W 43rd St

Zip Codes Connector