Thanks for lifting up voices of the unheard and unempowered


As a community member deeply invested and involved in transformative and racial justice, thank you for your op ed on “unbiased” journalism. I appreciated the layering, the nuance, and the complexity involved but also the simplicity of simply uplifting the voices of the unheard, unempowered, and as equally important as anyone with a platform, funding, and “credentials.” I’ve heard it be said before by a wise mentor, Susan Raffo, that a memory doesn’t get to be a cultural memory until there are at least eight versions of it told. Many perspectives - diverse perspectives - are what allow us to more deeply understand each other - not only our differences but our similarities.

Thank you for uplifting voices on the margin and speaking truth to lies. Of course it is no easy feat nor is it meant to be... it’s in the co-struggling (thank you, Jason Sole) that we emerge a stronger and more unified human community.
With respect,
Michelle Steffen


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